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You are now looking at the place where I create my music and sound effects. If you are interested you can take a closer look at my studio equpiment at the gallery.

my equipment The core of the studio is still my old trustworthy Amiga running Music-X (sequencer) and Apache.

Apache is used for programming three of my synths, the JV-1080, the Pulse Plus and the BassStation.

Another of my primary tools worth mentioning is WaveLab. I use it constantly for sample editing & processing and mastering.

Computers, Software & Controllers
Amiga 4000 Motorola 68040, 8mb ram, midi, scsi and zip & cd-rom drives.
    Music-X v1.1 Midi sequencer.
    Apache Midi patch editor.
    SyX Midi sysex utility.
    Say Speak synthesizer.
PC AMD Athlon 900mhz, 416mb ram, cd-rw drive and Sound Blaster Live! with the optical digital i/o card.
    Delta 1010 Sound card with 10 in- and outputs from M Audio.
    Reaktor 3.0 Modular software synthesizer, sampler, effect unit, etc. from Native Instruments.
    DrumSynth An additive drum synthesizer which can produce a wide range of sounds.
    WaveLab 3.0 Sample editor, processing and mastering tool. from Steinberg.
    Plug-ins For use within WaveLab.
Roland PC-200 Midi controller keyboard.
Sound Engines
Akai s3000xl Sampler with 32mb ram, EB16 multi-effects board and various cd-roms & zip disks.
Roland JV-1080 Synthesizer module, expanded with the Vintage Synth board and the Techno Collection board.
Korg Prophecy Monophonic physical modelling synthesizer.
Waldorf Pulse Plus Monophonic analog synthesizer module.
Elektron SidStation 1-3 voices synthesizer module.
Novation BassStation rack Monophonic analog synthesizer module.
Roland CM-32L Synthesizer module - a "computer version" of MT-32.
Casio PT-31 Keyboard - just a class above toy keyboards.
Outboard Effects
Boss SE-70 Multi-effects processor.
Boss XT-2 Distortion pedal.
Behringer MDX 2100 Compressor/Limiter.
Behringer MDX 1200 Compressor/Limiter.
Roland E-660 Full parametric equalizer.
Mixer & Rec.
Behringer MX 8000 Mixer.
Yamaha CR-2020 Amplifier.
Alesis Monitor One Studio reference monitors.
CAD CAD90Ni Dynamic cardioid microphone.
Sony DTC-790 Dat.
Sony MDS-JE510 MiniDisc.

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