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Simon Holm

In 1988 Simon Holm began to make music using only his Amiga 500 running a simple 4-channel sound tracker and a sample editor. It was also with this equipment he created the songs and sound effects for the Amiga game 'Sergei - and the Isle of Belphegor' by SideFX.

Since then his music and his skills as a sound designer have evolved. He is now able to produce music and sound effects for almost any kind of project in his own studio - HARD WIRED.

Simon creates much of his music in the electronic area, styles such as Industrial, EBM, Trance, Techno, etc. are often used. But he also enjoys making moody and atmospheric soundtracks using a mixture of classical and electronic instruments.

Besides making music and sound effects he is also the designer of Apache - a universal synth patch editor for the Amiga computer.

As of 1 February 1999 he is working for IO Interactive as a sound designer setting up sound environments and creating sound effects - First project with IO: 'Hitman: Codename 47'.


Radio interview about sound design for the video game: 'Hitman2: Silent Assassin' (in danish).
- 'Harddisken' - 27 Oct 2002 [audio]  [net tv]
Sound for video games and for 'Hitman2: Silent Assassin' (in danish).
- 'Komputer for alle' #3/2002 and 'incite PC Games' #3/2002
Sound design for computer games in general and for the game 'Hitman: Codename 47' (in danish only).
- - 21 Aug 2000 [article]  

Simon is a 30 year-old from Ballerup, Copenhagen, Denmark.
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