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The place where you can listen to some of my music, take a look at my studio and learn about me and my projects.

Need music or sound effects for your next project? Email me for details or fill out a form.

Also, my CD the Dark Dream demo is available.

- NEW WEB SITE - tiktaktones.com

26 Oct 2002 · Radio interview (in danish) about the sound for Hitman 2 - audio and Net TV versions available - read more...
· The Hitman 2 cinema trailer is now available - both in a low and high quality version.
4 Oct 2002 · 'Hitman 2: Silent Assassin' has been released.
17 Feb 2002 · Trailer music for 'Danish 3D Reel', check project page.
· Interview (in danish) about sound for computer games in issue #3/2002 of 'Komputer for alle' and in issue #3/2002 of 'incite PC Games'.
26 Sep 2001 · 'Hitman: Codename 47' nominated for BAFTA award.
1 Dec 2000 · My first project at IO Interactive - 'Hitman: Codename 47' has been released.
21 Aug 2000
· Read my interview about sound design for computer games. (in danish)