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A list of useful music related sites.

Music Resources [top] [bottom]
Akai S-Series Samplers Much infomation about the Akai samplers.
Dancetech Information on Dance music, synths, recording, etc.
SMDI Read about smdi (Scsi Musical Data Interchange).
Synth Zone Midi & synthesizer resources and links to a lot of related sites.
Music Gear Manufactures [top] [bottom]
Akai Samplers, etc.
Behringer Mixers & outboard effects.
Big Briar Robert Moog's company - synths and effects.
Clavia The makers of the red synthesizers, Nord Lead 1 & 2, Nord Modular.
Digidesign The producers of Pro Tools.
Elektron The SidStation - a unique synth based on the Sid sound chip found in the good old Commodore C64 computer.
Korg All kinds of equipment.
Novation The creators of BassStation, DrumStation, Super BassStation, Super Nova.
Roland All kinds of equipment.
Sony All kinds of equipment.
Studio Electronics Analog synths.
Syntecno The inventor of the TeeBee synthesizer.
Waldorf German synthesizer manufacturer.
Music Software [top] [bottom]
Steinberg Sequencers, sample editors, plug-ins, softsynths, etc.
Waves Plug-in manufacture.
Sample CDs [top] [bottom]
The Hollywood Edge Pro sound effect libraries on cds.
MZone A large selection of sample cds & cd-roms.

[music resources] [music gear manufactures]
[music software] [sample cds]