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Site news - a description of each update.

26 Oct 2002
  • I have been interviewed by 'Harddisken' - a danish radio program on 'P1' - about how I create sound effects for video games.
    It will be on-air 27 Oct at 5.00 PM and 30 Oct at 9.10 PM.
    You can also listen to the web version of the interview here or watch the interview on Net TV here.
  • The Hitman 2 cinema trailer is now available - in both a low quality and high quality version.
  • Updated the project page.
  • Updated the profile page.

4 Oct

17 Feb 2002danish 3d reel - click for larger image
  • The video 'Danish 3D Reel 2001 - a collection of Danish 3D work' is finished. The trailer music is done by me - the project page has been updated.
  • My interview (in danish) about sound for computer games is in this month's issue of 'Komputer for alle', #3/2002 and in issue #3/2002 of 'incite PC Games'.
  • now has its own separate site.
  • Uploaded Hitman screenshots.

12 Jan 2002
  • Nostalgia? Uploaded some Sergei screenshots from the old Amiga Game.
  • Made some text changes.

hitman 2 screenshot

6 Jan 2002

24 Nov 2001
  • My Reaktor files are now on my own server so you do not need a password anymore to download them.
  • Today is my birthday. :)

27 Oct 2001
  • Updated the project page.
  • I have been interviewed, about how I work when I create sound effects for video games by the danish computer magazine 'Komputer for alle'. The article wille be published early next year.

2 Oct 2001Sergei screenshot
  • Uploaded the title music from the old Amiga Game 'Sergei - and the Isle of Belphegor' - find it on the music page marked with annew.
  • Updated the project page.
  • Changed the studio picture.

26 Sep 2001
  • 'Hitman: Codename 47' has been nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award in the category, best pc game 2001.
  • Cleaned up the site.

14 Jul 2001
  • New phone number - check the Contact page.
  • Updated the project page.
  • Added the Reaktor file page - a list of my instruments created for Reaktor.
  • Added my new sound card Delta 1010 from M Audio to the studio page.
  • Moved my site to a faster and more reliable server.

29 Apr 2001

11 Feb 2001

21 Jan 2001
  • In November I was contacted by Cleopatra Records and was asked to send them a demo CD. I mailed them a four track CD but unfortunately it didn't work out.
  • Within some months I plan to send out demo CDs, to selected record companies. The CDs will probably only contain old tracks. But In the mean time I will continue to work on new material.
  • In December I bought a large mixer. So I ought to take some new pictures of my studio equipment, soon.
  • Added the Contact page. Designed a new menu and cleaned up the site.

1 Dec

1 Nov 2000
  • Now there are four of my tracks in full-length at my page.
  • I have created the sound for an Eidos jingle - If your are interested I have uploaded a preview version of the final jingle.

28 Oct 2000
  • Find 'Neurologic Dreams' in full-length at my page.
  • I am revising my site at the moment so you may notice some changes once in a while.

17 Oct
  • Uploaded the full-length version of 'Body Heat' at my page.
  • I will soon uploade another full-length song - so stay tuned.

14 Oct 2000
  • Sorry about the delay but I am have a problem uploading 'Body Heat' to - it should be fixed within a week.
  • (Join the new mailinglist so you can be informed whenever I upload mp3s - register your email address on the home page.)
  • Added the [home] link on every page so that you can always go to the homepage no matter which page of this site you find yourself on.

17 Sep 2000

23 Mar 2000
  • Uploaded new mp3 clips - find them on the music page.
  • is now registered and ready for use.
  • (Join the malinglist and be informed of site updates - sign up on the home page.)
  • The Apache site is open - visit it at
  • Cleaned up the link page.
  • Added new menu buttons.
  • Fixed all broken links, added text and cleaned up a bit.

5 Aug 1999 new my studio
  • Added the CD page - you can now order my demo CD.
  • Redesignes the music page and added somes new clips.
  • Added new equipment and picture to the studio page.
  • Changed and added text on all pages.
  • Changed some of the layout.
  • Added a new counter. I know it is ugly but it is more efficient than the old one.

21 Mar 1999
  • Moved my mp3s links to another aminet server as the old one was down quite often.
  • Made some small text changes.

1 Feb 1999
  • I am now involved with a project by IO Interactive setting up sound environments and creating sound effects.
  • Added my new SidStation synth, from Elektron to the studio page.
  • Revised the site.
  • Added some text and links.

13 Dec 1998
  • Added clips of my tracks to the music page.
  • Added readme files to the music page.
  • Put out a gallery of my studio equipment.
  • Changed some of the layout.
  • Changed some of the text.
  • Added a counter - well... just for fun really.
    In just two weeks it reached 100 hits. Thank you! :-)

7 Nov 1998 (a major update!) new
  • Placed clips of my music on the music page.
  • Removed the web design page, as I no longer do web design due to musical busyness.
  • Added a form for you to fill out if you want me to make music and/or sound effects. You are of course welcome to email me instead.
  • Added new equipment to the studio page.
  • Added equipment specifications to the studio page.
    This includes specifications
  • Added links and navigation bars to the link page and to the studio page.
  • Added java script to the menu.
  • Used CandyFactory to create effects to the newly added graphic.
  • Changed some of the layout.

10 Apr 1998
  • Added a wave file to the music page - for test only.
  • New headline graphic for most of the pages.
  • I had forgotten some of my early keyboards. Now, you can find them on my list of equipment on the studio page.
  • Added links to the link page.
  • Made some text changes.

4 Feb 1998
  • Revised text and links.
  • Added some html.
  • Removed the sign: "Under Construction". Even though the music page lacks music...

26 Jan 1998
  • Just made a minor change...
    When you follow my links to other web sites you will now leave my frameset so that my menu no longer remains in the right side of your browser.


22 Jan 1998
  • Made some minor text and html changes.
  • Changed the history page layout.
  • Added links to the studio and link pages.
  • Changed the link page layout.
  • Published my personalia page.

12 Jan 1998
  • Started the site history page.
  • Made some minor text and html changes.
  • Links added to the link page.

10 Jan 1998 new
  • 'A Hard Wired Home' is put on a web server for the first time.
    The site is still under construction.