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pic. of CDs
Something to feed my sampler with when it gets too hungry... :-)
Sample cds & cd-roms from top left to bottom right:
Major Records: Sound Effects - Backgrounds, Zero-G: Ross's Rising Funk, XX-Large: "No Kick", Dance MegaDrums, Musika Projekta 1.wav, Aminet 10, Ueberschall: Loopmatic, Hyper Space, The Essential Sample Collection, Total Control: X-FX, XX-Large: Analogue Dreams and Sounds Good: Methods of Mayhem.

pic. of rack

My rack from the top:
Waldorf Pulse Plus,
Boss SE-70 (to the left),
Behringer Composer MDX 2100,
Behringer Autocom MDX 1200,
Novation BassStation rack,
Roland JV-1080 and
Akai s3000xl.

At the bottom you can see my zip disks & drive.

pic. of keyboard

Korg Prophecy

Further down is my:
Roland CM-32L,
Casio PT-31 and
Roland PC-200.

These are probably hard to see in this picture.

pic. of mixer, eq and mic.

My mixer, equalizer and microphone:
Behringer MX 2642,
Roland E-660 and

pic. of pedal

Distortion delivered by my:
Boss Xtortion XT-2 pedal.


pic. of Amiga

My Midi computer:
Amiga 4000 running
Apache (on screen),
SyX and more.